“eez” is providing their exclusive service regarding SEO marketing technique. It is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. "The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing"

Search Engine Optimisation

You may have the best product in the market at a reasonable price what if your potential customers can not find you? With most online buyers looking for products via search, usually through Google, it is necessary to let Google know about your products & services. We believe that if you have the right product,

all you need is a small investment in Search Engine Optimization to pave the way for your potential customers to find you and visit you. More footfalls, better sales, more revenue. Simple.

Search Engine Optimisation Process

One word on search engine optimization in general first, though. SEO does not start and finish with these steps and the initial work that we do. In order to have ongoing success, it is important to monitor results and build meaningful content on a continual basis. I once read the perfect description of the SEO process (by John Tawadros), "it [search engine optimization] is inherently iterative. In short, it is a process, not a project."

  1. Research
  2. Reporting & Goal Setting
  3. Content Building
  4. Page Optimization
  5. Social & Link Building
  6. Follow Up Reporting & Analysis

Display and Rich Media

The world has made a shift from text to visuals, thanks to the lightening fast Internet connections. With an image speaking a thousand words, your Digital Marketing strategy can get a thousand times boost by investing in Display & Rich Media Ads. As images/digital have a better recall value & make better impressions,

it is the most effective advertizing model & the most cost effective as well. Low Cost, More Leads, Better ROI

Display and Rich Media

Video Ads

Video streaming is a rage and people spend hours watching short videos on YouTube & other video streaming platforms. With Video ads, you can deliver a more impactful message to your audience, much like on TV, but only better. With TV ads, you never know if your audience watched it.

On internet, your ad will display only when someone is trying to stream a particular video, so each time your ad is shown, you grab an eyeball.

Search Ads

With the entire world converging on the Internet and billions of searches being performed each day, Google gets millions of hits per day and displaying your text ads on Google is a sure shot way to generate leads.

Our expert PPC or Pay Per Click professionals offer your ads good placements at a low cost with better Quality Score to generate maximum clicks with minimum investment.

Search Ads


Analytics tool by Google becomes more powerful each day, giving you insights into your website's performance. More detailed it gets, more complicated it becomes. As data from Analytics is central to any website's marketing and upgrade strategy, we analyze tons of data to make sense of it all.

Our professional Analytics Managers assist businesses in understanding why their website is not selling, how it can sell more, how to retain customers on the site and convert lookers into buyers.


There's a difference between stalking & retargeting and it is this difference that makes or breaks an Ad campaign via Google Adwords. Our expert PPC Adwords professionals set up retargeting of users who show interest in the product without losing track of the market segment being targeted at the first place.

From better targeting to better retargetting, our Google Certified professionals ensure the best ROI you can get from Adwords.

Email Marketing and Analytics

Email Marketing and Analytics

Email Marketing is here to stay. Spamming is not. We do not believe in sending e-mailers to a vast database with the hope that at least someone will hear the message. Email marketing is a science and we treat it that way.

From chosing the right messaging for the right audience, and from designing the mailer to that perfect "call for action", we do it all for your e-mail marketing campaigns. And, we track the performance to let you analyze the performance & the impact.

Why Choose US

Creating website is easy but getting found in messy online world is difficult. eez Multiple Services makes it easier for you and helps you gain immediate visibility with its digital marketing services.
eez Multiple Services proven digital marketing strategies help you get consistent results with increased ROI. We make your ad campaigns for themselves by boosting your ROI.
We keep you updated with the performance of your campaigns and help you track progress of your business. We provide you regular performance reports every month.
At eez Multiple Services you don't just get backlinks from hundreds of sites, but healthy backlinks from carefully selected websites. We pay due attention to the authority and reputation of the site.
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