About Us

We established eez Services towards the start of 2016, to fill the gap in the region’s communication industry. It would grow to become an influential agency that would make a stand and transform the marketing scene in Pakistan.

eez Services is a largest Services provider company in Pakistan. eez is one of the largest private sector Consulting & Marketing Companies in Pakistan. Operating for the past one year in various fields of Category-Leading e-Business & Marketing planning, Infrastructure development, implementation, and Product Promotional solutions with a global network. eez is specialized in the fields of e-marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development, Web Domain & hosting, Accident Insurance etc. and exceptional support to accelerate the business of its clients through comprehensive event management solutions.

The objective is to connect with the consumer through the most innovative methods based on research. eez Services is the result of an entrepreneurial business model that was established to promote young talent. We are very fortunate to have a team of talented young individuals with an incredible passion for what they do.

Our multidisciplinary approach gives us a unique perspective on integrated solutions, incorporating varies disciplines and technologies for an efficient end product. eez has been helping customers benefit from technology by providing cost- effective solutions and professional services with the estate of the art marketing strategy & target for the client with the complete design solutions.

Our Process


At eez, the entire process of planning, a highly skilled team of professionals using the best of their expertise does developing and executing media campaigns. Deliberate planning and tentative sketching is done in order to obtain eminent rendered results.


The development procedure is carried out by working precisely on the designed plans using all the top notch mediums including visual designing and co positioning, sound design, graphic design and digital media tools.


The final execution is done under the supervision of qualified professionals using all the relevant modes of execution including print as well as digital mediums.

Our Vision

To give you a rapid and promising ascent by incorporation all the winning ingredients for your Business & growth and providing every solution under one roof.

Our Mission

We aim to be first choice in Multiple Services, Marketing Solutions, Event Management, Public Relations, Media Management Services and to be the standard setter in the industry by creating distinctive competencies, working beyond lingual and geographic differences to facilitate individuals, Businesses, Corporate and the Development sector across the spectrum.

Signature Values

• Innovation which leads to differentiation
• Dedication which delivers quality
• Accountability which mentions transparency
• Outcome Orientation which keeps us focused
• Tailored Service which generates satisfaction
• Team work which eliminates one man show
• On time delivery which respects time
• Continuous improvement which ensures optimization

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